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ALMiG design philosophy


The main reason why customers decide to install ALMiG compressors and treatment systems is the quality of our products and their reliability. All ALMiG products are developed and designed to fully meet customer expectations and demonstrate this worldwide in the most varied applications. All of our products also fulfil the international standard for compressed air quality ISO 8573-1:2010 and thus maintain the reliability of all downstream pneumatic systems.


Energy efficiency

When developing our products, our engineers endeavour to achieve the necessary air quality and quantity with the lowest possible operating costs. Reliable technologies that demonstrably reduce operating costs are used to achieve this; these include for example:


  • Efficient drive motors
  • Speed control
  • Direct drive
  • Efficient filters and drying systems
  • Highly specialised lubricants


Low life cycle costs

The life cycle of the system starts prior to acquisition. When you request a quotation from ALMiG, you are already opting for products with an attractive purchase price and very low life cycle costs. At ALMiG we do this by using the same parts, personnel and know-how for our rail projects that we use in our industry area, as well as a modular system which we use efficiently and cost-effectively. This results in cost savings that are passed on to the customer without a loss in quality.

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